From one photographer to another. 
From one hopeless romantic to another.

Your visual identity is more than a brand, more than a website—It’s a love letter to your clients


Brand and Web Design for Photographers 

This is a huge and necessary step in creating the life you want to live and doing the photography you love. With that being said…this is scary and investing in yourself is a bitch. So repeat after me: “You deserve this.” There are things in your heart that are ready to come out, and this is the moment to release them. And you won’t be taking this leap alone. I am all in on you, if you are. 

-Taking the Leap

You built this business from the ground up. Being invited into your creative process is an honor. Just like you, House of W doesn’t shoot and burn. We thoughtfully collaborate to create designs that feel authentic and will attract specific clientele to your doorstep. Together we’ll make the perfect welcome mat.

-Powerful partnership

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be someone and be successful—but if you aren’t yourself is it really worth anything? When your business reflects your passion it’s so powerful and it’s deeper than any money, because you’re choosing you. Your custom designs will reflect all the unique pieces of you in a new light and way you didn’t know was possible. (And honestly it can be a real tearjerker.) 

-Coming home to yourself

These designs are your new foundation. They are your identity. And it's pretty badass. I simply cannot prepare you for the confidence that comes with brand awareness from clients and fellow photographers alike. Not only will you have distinctive visuals and a killer website behind you — but I will give you the tools to implement them in an impactful way.

-Empower & pursue



"I can't thank Whitney enough for really seeing me and capturing the essence of who I am as a person and an artist with my new branding. 
This entire process has made me take a step back and figure out who I am and what I want my brand to portray. 
She has a way of pulling things out of you that you didn't even know you needed. I wanted branding that is truly unique to myself, unique to my own heart, and that had a deeper meaning. Whitney created something that I could only ever dream of, and now I am living that dream."


People will look at your designs and know exactly who you are.

  • Brand Brand Soul Searching
  • Creative Direction
  • main logo variations
  • secondary logo variations
  • submark variations

  • Color Palette
  • font suite
  • favicon
  • brand style guide
  • email signature
  • 1 Revision

PRICES STARTING AT $3250 payment plans available — 6-8 WEEK TIMELINE



Forget mass produced logos and trendy DIY color pallets. Let’s dream up some immaculate vibes, dreamy colors, distinctive logos that you will be obsessed with for years to come. Every one of your branding elements is an original piece of art that will deeply reflect you as a photographer.


PRICES STARTING AT $7750 payment plans available — 3 MONTH TIMELINE


All the Vibes

This is your New Years Eve-When Harry Met Sally-moment. All of your trial and error has led you here. You’ve fine-tuned your style and you know exactly what you want to do in your business. Now, you want this new part of your life to start as soon as possible: doing what you love with clients that connect with your art. 

Through honesty and hard work, we’re going to create a full identity system that covers all of your unique needs. From your main logo, to the verbiage on each page, to the signature at the bottom of every email. 



  • Brand Soul Searching
  • Creative Direction
  • main logo variations
  • secondary logo variations
  • submark variations
  • color palette
  • font suite
  • favicon
  • brand style guide
  • email signature

  • showit website design
  • content review
  • 1 revision
  • up to 7 pages
  • domain connection
  • extended seo
  • SEO Page titles
  • SEO Page descriptions
  • SEO Page keywords
  • cRM connection
  • zoom launch day walkthrough
  • instagram link page

  •  Custom Hand Drawn Illustrations
  • Website Copywriting
  • e commerce
  • Blogging
  • brand poem

À la carte

Enchanting Extras

In the spirit of simplicity and tailored experiences, we are delighted to present a refined selection of core offerings designed to embody the essence of your vision. As we dance into this new chapter, we invite you to curate your journey with our enchanting extras—little bursts of magic that allow you to personalize your experience, making each moment uniquely yours.

Elevate your chosen service with these enchanting extras, creating a symphony of possibilities that harmonize seamlessly with your dreams. Your story, your way – an ode to bespoke enchantment.

add on options

Showit! We believe Showit is the freakin' best for creatives - there is no limit (the limit does not exist) to the creative possibilities with this platform.

+What website platform do you design on?

A logo can only do so much. With a whole brand, we will be able to create a strong voice for your business and set you apart in the market. Long answer short, no. 

+What if I just want a logo?

Heck yes we do! (I get it — it's an expensive investment.) Each package can be broken up into 8 payments.

+Do you offer payment plans?

Brand Identity is great for businesses 2+ years old. When you’re ready to put a strong voice behind your brand, Brand Identity is right for you. All The Vibes is beneficial for people who have been in business for 3-5 years, who are looking to refine/uplevel, and have clear goals for the future of their brand. 

+Which service is right for my business?

It depends on your package! I’ll send you the homework that needs to be together before our start date. It will include things like headshots, questionnaires, portfolio images & videos.

+What materials do I need to prepare before we start?




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Only a handful of spots are available each month due to the deep nature of the House of W process and commitment to every client’s project.