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Katie from Addie & Kay Photography is a Virginia-based newborn and family photographer that has a nostalgic, bold, emotive, and comforting style. We curated a nostalgic custom brand design with an edge of alternative style, combining the soft and bold to make a magical custom mixture design for her! 


Katie’s lingo is “Moments stamped in time”, so the first impression when you see her branding is old-style stamping fonts, and shaped logos that could be straight from an ink pad that translates that feeling of nostalgic charm. Katie has a strong history herself, and so she deserves a brand that reflects that. 


For Katie, it’s old things that make her happy. History, muted colors, vintage goods… but her old soul also has an alternative side that enjoys a modern style too. So we created her branding that will not only make her happy and stand out but also make her clients happy!

For her custom illustrations, we relied heavily on bold font play with her business name – it draws attention much like vintage mercantile packaging would. Strong lines and stamp-style framing with a feminine touch was the goal we were going for! Her custom illustrations include:

  • Her riding a deer, to bring the soul of her daughter into the brand.
  • Skeleton Family dancing 
  • A vintage postal stamp with her initials
  • Portraits of a Deer with Florals
  • A scene where a doe and herring are passing each other by
  • A frame made of moths
  • vintage film rolls

Her color palette reflects cooler tones of blues, browns, and creams that have an antique vibe, setting the mood for her comforting and calm brand that will bring those nostalgic feelings out.

House of W Designs turns your brand into a statement

We hope your brand leaves an impression forever, Katie. 


-House of W Designs

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