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A Warm and Moody Photography Brand Design

Sol Flower Photography captures warm, passionate and fiercely emotive couples’ sessions and elopements. Alyssa is a proud LGBTQIA+ ally, as are we here at House of W. She was ready to give life to a more all-encompassing and inclusive brand. Her warm, moody photography brand design was moving and powerful to be a part of.

Her new branding is inspired by her pursuit of the sun. She wanted a brand that champions freedom and progress. A photography brand that connects with her ideal client and says, “This is a space to let your love flourish and be.” Her passion for making others feel valued is deeply moving.

“Sol (sun/Leo) refers to how I chase the sun by day. Flower (short for flowering/progress for the LGBTQ community) is all-encompassing. It gives more freedom to brand to more than just one flower, cause let’s be real, I like a variety!”

I love the warm, moody color palette of Sol Flower’s brand. The colors are so inviting and intimate. They’re a reflection of Alyssa’s pursuit to document fierce love stories. They make you feel that fiery connection that happens between lovers. It evokes a call to passionate romance that attracts clients looking to capture their relationship boldly. A brand that is representative of you and the mission of your business will draw attention from the clients you dream of working with.

The warm and moody logo design for Sol Flower was hand drawn to match her vision. She wanted something fierce, creative, bold and emotive.  Alyssa wanted to include a sun, Leo, crescent moon, half burnt candle and some dried roses into her logo design and brand elements. I love the way we brought that vision to life. All of the custom illustrations for her photography brand are warm, moody and romantic.

Alyssa (Sol Flower Photography) – I hope you love your new brand design as much as I do! It’s my hope that it truly captures the soul of your business. I cannot wait to watch your business thrive and progress over the years to come!

A Warm and Moody Photography Brand Design

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