Kristin Marielle Photography

A desert inspired brand design for a family photographer based in Arizona. Design by House of W, a brand and web designer for photographers and creatives.

Desert Inspired Brand Design

Kristin Marielle is a documentary style family photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Kristin wanted a desert inspired brand design that reflected the authentic beauty of Arizona’s desert landscape. Her brand design is warm and rich with a natural and earthy flow. We wanted Kristin’s brand to reflect the style of her photography, something that would call to her ideal clients and draw them in.

“I do not want you to just see your photos. . .I want you to feel them.”

Kristin’s photography style is drenched in color, emotion and connection. She wants her clients to not just see their photos but feel them. This is the same approach we have to her desert inspired brand design. The warm, rich colors feel like home. The hand drawn illustrations throughout her brand design feel like a natural and powerful longing to remember the beauty of the moment.

The Emotion of Your Brand Design

Your brand design speaks volumes to who you are as a creative entrepreneur. The brand design of your business is your ideal client’s first glimpse at the experience you offer them. So, your design should evoke the same emotion a client will have if they work with you.

Is working with you an ethereal experience? It is mystical, quiet, empowering or soft? Know your brand, who you are and how you serve. Name how you want your ideal client to feel when they work with you. This is a great start to crafting a design that will draw them to you!

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