Simply Stefanee Studio

Sensual and Empowering Brand Design

Sensual and Empowering Brand Design 

Simply Stefanee Studio is a South Carolina-based Boudoir Photographer with an edge. She captures sensual and wildly empowering imagery, so we delivered an exceptionally sensual and empowering brand design and web design to represent her!

Be a Bad Bitch

Okay, Stefanee was a FUN design and branding project for us to work on. Her wild personality had us dreaming of her curls and tequila allllll day long!

Stefanee’s love for empowering women and making it fun inspired us to create her wildly sensual, outgoing brand. 

Your true identity should reflect in your brand. Don’t hold back!

Stefanee was ready to unleash her free spirit to the web. It can be intimidating to risk thinning your clients out like that – but in the end, it will only attract the true clients that speak your language.

Remember who you are talking to! Your true ideal clients. Speak to them fearlessly and they will love you fearlessly. 

Stefanee asked for a dark, sensual, but also fun brand and web design that gave a high-end feel to reflect her high-end services. 

Her colors are blacks, skin tone tans, and sensual maroons that will have you feeling some type of way. They set the whole mood of the website, so you instantly know it’s NSFW. 😉 

Her Custom hand-drawn Illustrations & Logos :

  • feminine bodies, some looking into mirrors and adoring themselves
  • Bitten lips and other lip scenes
  • Licking flames from a lighter
  • Champagne glasses, much like she has to serve her clients with some liquid courage

These illustrations are paired with bold statement fonts to add a sense of impact and class to her brand.

Her Website Design & Copywriting :

We wrote the website words in an interactive way that speaks directly to the client, encouraging them to celebrate themselves and not give a f*ck. 

The website design follows the flow of the branding. Ultra-sensual with ever-changing color and black and white photos.

View Stefanees new website HERE!

Sensual and Empowering Brand Design 

Thank you, Stefanee, for sharing your wild love, sexy laughter, and wicked light within us. Keep being a bad b*tch!

-House of W Designs

If you’re ready to let your true light shine, consider House of W to create a brand that will truly represent you. 

Contact us here to get started.

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