Haley Sophia Boudoir

Sensual Photography Brand and Web Design

Sensual Photography Brand and Web Design


In this post, we’re highlighting Haley Sophia Boudoirs Sensual Photography Brand and Web Design. 

Haley is a badass sensual photographer from Plymouth, Wisconsin, and when she’s not shooting her standard sessions, she’s a steamy boudoir photographer with immense talent and love for promoting self-confidence, bravery, and self-love. 

We took her branding to the sensual, organic mood that Haley’s work emits.

Her main logo incorporates powerful feminine mushroom figures looking like queens and posing with botanicals (showing off a lil’ bit of ass), along with wild and strong portraits of herself with forest creatures, such as wolves. 

We wanted her illustrations, color palette, and typography to feel bold, powerful, and sexy.

We know that with this website, Haley will attract her ideal client base and really pull in potential clients that can envision themselves within Haley’s work. Her personality shines through the copywriting, making the potential client feel comfortable with Haley’s bold and authentic personality.

This is a perfect example of a website that might encourage you to take a little step closer to the edge of “edgy”, to attract those wild and steamy clients you dream of.

We hope that Haley will love her new websites for years to come and that they’ll attract her true tribe!

Sensual Photography Brand and Web Design
Sensual Photography Web Design

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