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Moody Photography Web Design Inspired by Adventure

Capturing wild moments close to the heart…

Tiffany of Wild at Heart Photography is a moody family, maternity, couples AND elopement photographer based in Gainesville, Florida. She also services Jacksonville, FL and on occasion the south and north Georgia areas. Tiffany captures photographs you can feel.

Her photography style is emotional, artistic, authentic, and soulful.

What is the heart?

“It is our essence. Our safe place that can crumble, break, but never fails to heal. It can be home, a place, a person. It is YOU.”

This Moody Gainesville Photographer is magic.

We knew from the get-go that Tiffany has a deeply passionate soul, and so we HAD to deliver on this site! 

Tiffany has been through hell and back. Her story goes very deep, and her muse for photography was formed through hardships and loss. She has truly taken the dark, and turned it to light with her photography, and continues to share her story with others and inspire her clients to take all the photos they can, and keep loved ones close to their heart.

With that, we wanted to give a Moody Photography Web Design rooted in adventure!

We create branding that is as unique as your story. 

All of the illustrated imagery included with Tiffany’s branding has backstory, so that the page explorer feels just as much as they can see. 

We curated a badass celestial adventure branding theme, and tied in her love for the ocean and travel with movement and nautical imagery throughout the entire website. Her color palette speaks of ancient green earth, deep and mysterious waters, topographical golden grit, and misty overcast skies.

Our showpiece artwork is her logo — An anatomical heart illustration, with personal and lovely additions. This absolutely fits Tiffany’s edgy and raw side of her branding. 

This website will serve Tiffany and her adventure loving clients for years to come, and be the home that showcases her phenomenal imagery close to the heart. 

“For the wild, adventurous lovers, for the mamas who see the beauty in the struggle.”

If you’re in the Northern Florida or Southern Georgia area, check out Wild At Heart Photography

We’re absolutely thrilled with how this website turned out, and consider it a total showpiece in our branding portfolio. 

Thank you so much for continuing to share your heart, Tiffany.

-House of W Designs 

Moody Photography Web Design

Check out the full brand and web design for Wild At Heart Photographs at www.wildatheartphotographs.com.

Want to work with House of W to create the brand and web design your dreams? Contact us here to get started.

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