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Earthy Photography Brand and Web Design

Earthy Brand and Web Design

Haley Sophia is an earthy wedding photographer from Plymouth, Wisconsin. She reached out to us to create not only one, but two individually perfect branded websites that reflect both sides of her photography styles. This blog post is dedicated to her Earthy Brand and Web Design. She specializes in steamy couples photography, family photography, and weddings.

Her branding direction immediately reflected her editing style: Earthy, moody, and enchanting.

We took a unique direction with her branding, acknowledging her love for nature, and so we created illustrations with lots of plants, stars, mushroom figures, and forest creatures. We wanted her illustrations and typography to feel organic, rough cut, and whimsical. 

The earthy green, tan, and rust tones set the mood for her forest of moody imagery displayed on the website. We wanted it to feel like you’re in the middle of a fairytale woodland dream, with rooted plants, stars, and moths. 

Earthy Brand and Web Design


Her copywriting had to match the wild and outspoken and authentic personality of Haley. We spend a lot of time talking with each client through the process, which is just why Haley’s personality came through on every bit of the website’s wording. 

It’s always our goal to create branding that reflects the artist. We felt that this website project was just too good not to share, and so we hope that seeing this blog post might help envision your branding story. 

Huge thanks to Haley. You are magic! 

Earthy Photography Brand and Web Design

Check out the full for Haley Sophia Photography at haleysophiaphotography.com.

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