The Ladies Behind House of W

The brand and web design process at House of W is deep and thoughtful. We believe in creating poetic designs that are an authentic representation of you and your brand. Every design brought to us is put into caring and capable hands. Want to know more about the ladies behind the art? Meet the team:

A Brand and Web Designer to Breathe Life into Your Branding

Meet Whitney

I’m Whitney, the CEO, creative mind and artist behind the brand and web design at House of W. When you work with us, I’m your girl. Together, we’ll collab to craft a unique, one-of-a-kind, romantic design that tells your story.

If you’re ready to bring your brand to life with design that feels like you, let’s connect! I’d love to hear more about who your brand is and help you bring that vision to life.

Want to work with me? Reach out and say hello at or check out the packages we offer at House of W here.

A Photography Virtual Assistant for All of Your Needs

Providing the best possible experience for my clients is my top priority. To make this happen, I’ve brought on two of the best ladies in the industry that you can find. Together, we make it all happen at House of W. If you need a photography virtual assistant that can help you beyond brand and web design, you need my girls, Morgan and Haley, in your life!

Meet Morgan

My right-wing woman is Morgan Lacheta. She’s the boss lady of Morgan Does It and can truly do it all. Morgan tackles client communication, assists throughout the web design process and handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes action at House of W.

If you’re looking for a photography virtual assistant who can clean up your CRM, manage your inbox, cull your sessions and so much more. If you’re looking for a do-it-all photography VA, Morgan does it!

Want to work with Morgan? Reach out to her and say hi at or head over to her website to contact her here.

Meet Haley

The copywriter for House of W is Haley Littlepage. She’s the owner of The Humble Help Desk and a true word artist. Haley is a photography virtual assistant who can write copy in the voice of your brand, give your site an SEO boost through blogging and she’s a Pinterest guru.

Want to work with Haley? Say hey at or head over to her site to connect with her here.

With a photography virtual assistant like Morgan or Haley on your side, there’s nothing your business can’t tackle!

We Can’t Wait to Work with You

Outsourcing is a true game changer. When you invite the experts into your business, you give yourself some time back. It’s self-care at its finest! Whether you’re outsourcing your brand and web design with House of W or looking for help within your business, we have your back.

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