Heather Clark Photo

Bright and Colorful Photography Brand Design

Bright and Colorful Photography Brand Design

Heather Clark Photo is a family and couples photographer based in Destin, Florida. She captures raw and unwritten moments. Heather is in love with connection. She captures timeless memories for her clients that are full of emotion and laughter. Her work is bright, colorful, candid and natural. She guides her clients, rather than poses them.

Heather wanted a photography brand design that is true to her photography style. She described her brand as. . .

“Raw, unwritten, intimate, fun, candid, bright, clean. . .”

The warm color palette we chose for her photography brand design is both natural and colorful. Its softness has a quiet feel that calls to clients who value genuine connection. A true reflection of the style of her art. Your brand design should always resonate with emotion you want your ideal clients to experience when they interact with your brand.

The photography logo design for Heather Clark Photo was inspired by her location and style. Its tropical design elements are telling of where and how she captures her clients. Her logo design has a breeze swept look that feels both raw and natural. Your logo is a visual story of who your brand is.

The photography brand design for Heather is as colorful and authentic as she is. It’s a peek into the soul of her art. The design is an invitation for her ideal clients to connect with her and learn more about who she is and the art she creates.

Heather (Heather Clark Photo) – I hope this brand design makes you feel truly seen and known! I hope it resonates with your brand and clients for years to come. It was so much fun to collaborate with you on this project!

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