The Ladies Behind House of W

The brand, web, and copy design process at House of W is deep and thoughtful. We the ladies behind House of W work like a coven of little magical witches on every aspect of your experience, which individually adds a spoke to the wheel of your one-of-a-kind design. From formulating personalized questionnaires, workflows, previews, and finished products, we believe in creating poetic designs that are an authentic representation of you and your brand. Every design brought to us is put into caring and capable hands. 

“Behind every great woman is more great women”

Want to know more about the ladies behind the art? Meet the team:

A Brand and Web Designer to Breathe Life into Your Branding, and make it magically come together


I’m Whitney, the CEO, creative mind, and artist behind the brand and web design at House of W. When you work with us, I’m your girl. Together, we’ll collab to craft a unique, one-of-a-kind, romantic brand and website designs that tells your story.

If you’re ready to bring your brand and website to life with a design that feels like you, let’s connect! I’d love to hear more about who your brand is and help you bring that vision to life.

Want to work with me? Reach out and say hello at or check out the packages we offer at House of W here.

A true visionary artist, with hands-on experience and expertise

Providing the best possible, most unique hand-drawn illustrations for my clients is our Hannah! She is my go-to girl when we start talking about your design and your visual branding. Hannah will make the images that you see in your mind’s eye come right to life, and have you thinking “Yes, this is what represents ME!”. 

The poetic artist that adds a little spice to our group

Maria is Hannah’s equally talented little sister. We joke that she’s the youngin’ of our group! Though she may be little, she is fierce. Capable of illustrations, AND providing clients with the most beautiful branding poems that are unique to our brand, just for you. Her words will have you swept off your feet!

The copywriter that is a Librarian, and also a Photographer 

The copywriter for House of W is Katlin Phillips. She wears many hats! She’s the owner of KCP Creative Imagery and a true word artist. Being someone that has worked in a library for over 10 years, she is well-read and has a love for interpreting others with her true intuition. She also researches and writes SEO, blog posts, and other things you might need words for. Photography is her true passion, so she gets the lingo and can take the words right out of your mouth.

Want to work with Katlin? Say hey or head over to her site to connect with her here.

And with that, there is our little coven of witches at House of W! We make it like magic!


When you invite the experts into your business, you give yourself some time back. It’s self-care at its finest! When you choose to build your brand and web design with House of W, we have your back.

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