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A photography web design for Gamache Photo and Film inspired by nature and whimsy. Design by House of W, a brand and web designer for photographers and creatives.

Photography Web Design Inspired by Nature and Whimsy

Gamache Photo + Film are a husband-and-wife duo specializing in professional photography and videography. Jess and Tyler serve brides-to-be, lovers and families in Northern Illinois. When they approached House of W for their photography web design, we couldn’t be more ecstatic about bringing their vision to life.

The brand and web design for Gamache Photo + Film needed to be something that stood out from the crowd to represent their unique style and brand’s personality. Jess and Tyler envisioned a design inspired by nature with a fantasy-meets-PNW feel. They see wind-blown hair, warm embraces, mountains, pine trees, and golden light when they picture their brand. Gamache Photo + Film‘s design is swept straight out of a richly adventurous Tolkien novel.

“I want them to feel like they’ve stumbled onto something truly beautiful and unique. Something that blows them away.”

The color palette for their photography web design includes deep, rich jewel tones, soft earth tones and matching pastels. The psychology of color in your brand is astounding. Different colors, intensity and tone convey varying emotions and moods. Font styles have the same effect. Jess and Tyler wanted a font that was otherworldly. We chose a style that’s easy to read but a far cry from ordinary.

Jess + Tyler (Gamache Photo + Film) – Thank you both so much for collaborating with House of W for your photography brand and web design! It’s our intention that this design tells the story of your brand, captivates your ideal client and entices them to journey forward with you. We can’t wait to see your brand flourish into all you imagine it will be!

A Photography Web Design Inspired by Nature and Whimsy

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