Beauty Alchemist

A feminine esthetician brand and web design inspired by magic and crystals. Design by House of W Designs, a brand and web designer for beauty creatives.

Feminine and Mystical Esthetician Brand and Web Design

Amelia, aka the Beauty Alchemist, is a badass creative in the beauty industry. She’s an esthetician who specializes in body waxing, lash lift and tinting. She wanted an esthetician brand and web design that uniquely set her apart from the competition. Crystals, mystical magic and a celebration of femininity inspired her design.

The color palette for her brand is a combination of earthy greens, browns and a light pink. The hand drawn illustrations for her brand are inspired by an alchemy aesthetic. For instance, cauldrons, vials and crystals were a nod to the enchantment of her work. We also included designs that spoke to the more delicate nature of the beauty industry. Butterflies, lashes and floral designs make her branding feel soft and inviting.

The work of an esthetician is a magical process. In her brand and web design, we also included a lot of holographic elements to represent the transformation process her clients experience. The overall design for Beauty Alchemist is bold while still feeling feminine and mystical.

Your brand and web design are a crucial piece in telling your clients the story of what you offer. By creating a design that is a true reflection of your brand, ideal clients will immediately resonate and want to connect with you.

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