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Minimal & Timeless Custom Brand Design

Minimal and Timeless Brand Design

Natalie Van is a timeless & connected newborn, maternity, & family photographer. She captures memories in a genuine way, and so we created a minimal and timeless brand design for her when she chose to upgrade to more personal branding for her business! 

“Live simply, and love generously.”

Natalie’s love for the sea and the simple things in life really directed us to create a luxurious, high-end (but simple!) brand identity.

Simple branding can make a big statement. 

With this project, we wanted to show the world that Natalie’s simple branding can have a big impact, and attract clients to her high-end services. Her main logos include the text of her brand name, in strong, feminine fonts. 

For her custom illustrations, we chose to create the following:

  • A feminine mother figure, with a flower in her hair
  • A sand dollar, as a token for the sea
  • An arched frame, featuring the ocean tides and sun rays
  • Simple beachy flowers
  • A clamshell clutching onto a precious pearl, much like a mother would clutch onto her babe
  • Ripples of a flower landing in the water

Her branding colors were kept very simplistic and nearly monochromatic. This includes warm sandy tones, clay browns, and dreamy creams. 

Minimal & Timeless Brand Design

Find your brand voice and create a brand that truly speaks for you.

Thank you again to Natalie, for allowing us to create a genuine and timeless brand that we know will attract your dream clients!


-House of W Designs 

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