Jane Rose Photography

Raw Authentic Motherhood Brand Design

Raw Authentic Motherhood Brand Design

Sara, who is the owner of Jane Rose Photography, is located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Sara specializes in maternity and newborn photography.  She is an approachable creator of motherhood art and magic, and so she needed a raw authentic motherhood brand design to share her storytelling sessions for the free-spirited mothers that are ready to share their real journey through imagery. 

“Romanticize your motherhood.”

Because Sara’s main mission is to romanticize motherhood, we wanted her brand to really speak emotively for mothers that are searching for the magic Sara provides. 

You always want your branding to translate your message.

Sara chose the “All the Vibes” package, so this was a complete luxury brand package that took all hands on deck to create. 

Therefore, her custom artwork encompasses herself as a brand, and the natural cycle of being a mother.

For this we included:

  • Roses, which is not only a part of her brand name, but a great metaphor for motherhood. Motherhood can be beautiful, but hard (like the thorns). 
  • A mother nature figure for her brand logo, with her brand message included. This is the showpiece for her brand. 
  • Sand trickling down an hourglass to represent how precious time is.
  • A deep crescent moon, to represent the phases of our lives.
  • The grand portrait of a rosy mother figure nursing her babe, who is adorned with a frame of moth wings. 
  • Other botanical and moth or butterfly illustrations, to represent delicate phases and transformation.

Because of the romantic tone to motherhood being kept in mind, we were inspired to include soft creams, precious golds, petal maroons, and leafy greens that can be seen coloring her website. 

Hand-selected fonts give her copywriting a feminine tone, with bold messages having a more nature-esque presence. 

Sara’s raw and emotive imagery truly leaps from the pages of her website, so that stories from real mothers with real babies can shine.

If you’re looking for your authentic motherhood story to be told through timeless imagery, check out Sara Jane Rose Photography.

Raw Authentic Motherhood Brand Design

We love how this project turned out, and can’t wait for this website and brand to serve her.

Much love, Sara!

Check out the full brand and web design for Jane Rose Photography at www.janerosephotography.ca

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