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Dark & Moody Brand Design

Dark & Moody Brand Design

Nick Robertson is a website designer, who creates custom web designs for dark & moody portrait photographers that value out-of-the-box & fearless design. We were so thrilled when he asked us to create a Dark & Moody Brand Design for him!

“If My Chemical Romance and Underoath made website babies, these would be their children.”

It’s not every day that we get to create branding for another photography web designer, but Nick has a special place in our hearts. We believe that the most challenging project for a creator is a project for themselves. 

Nick has a dark, alternative style that really lit a fire in our souls creatively! 

We create brands that reflect your personality

Nick knew it was time to grow his brand with his rapidly growing web design business but wanted his artistic and alternative style to have a high-end feel to it. 

His custom hand-drawn illustrations are paired with sharp and somewhat middle-earth,  masculine fonts to give a sense of impact and interest to his brand. 

The unique illustrations for his branding were based on his desire to express freedom, power, and good ol’ cool metal shit. 

We included:

  • A corvid angel, breaking through the sky with his hands outreached 
  • A couple in a window scene, admiring the wilderness beyond
  • A powerful eye within a box, looking through the smoke, flames, and ferns
  • Illustrations of a crow in flight, feathers strewn
  • A masculine figure, walking into a fire
  • A creative helping hand, tangling with flames

Nick has said the color of his soul would be charcoal gray, so we incorporated that with his custom color palette. To add contrast, we also included vintage-inspired sage green tones, misty blue, and deep gold.

If you’re searching for the perfect brand design that will elevate your personal aesthetic, look no further. 

Dark & Moody Brand Design

We can’t thank Nick enough for trusting us to handle his branding and hope that it serves his web clients for years to come.

Stay metal, Nick!

-House of W Designs 

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