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Bohemian Photography Brand Design

Bohemian Brand Design

Introducing, Hailey Faria’s Bohemian Brand Design! Hailey is an educator, family photographer, and couples photographer located in Little Rock, Arkansas! In addition to Little Rock, Hailey travels all around Northern America photographing and teaching.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

Hailey’s Vibe – “An Intimate Display of Connection”

Hailey’s intimacy with nature and dreamy imagery inspired us to create her branding with an anthropological, bohemian feel.

Our mission is to curate a brand theme that resonates with you.

Hailey wanted the feel of her brand to radiate the magic of nature and open skies truly. 

Since she travels all around for her art, we matched her color palette to the muted golds of the midwest, diffused greens of the PNW, the soft blues of the sky, and clay browns of the mountain peaks. 

For her photography branding illustrations, we included:

  • A main logo with her portrait, mirroring Hailey’s spirit animal that represents strength and unity; A Bison
  • Hands framing the big picture, to remember the moment.
  • A Bison in a Monte Carlo to represent good times in her childhood
  • A tambourine, beating to the drum of her heart
Bohemian Photography Brand Design


Hailey Faria is not only a photographer but a phenomenal educator and mentor to other photographers. She is the owner of Reverie, which is a phenomenal traveling workshop that she hosts for other photographers! We highly recommend you look into her workshops if you’re a photographer. 

For Reverie, we hand-illustrated:

  • A pan pouring water into others’ hands, represents pouring her heart into others.
  • A group of photographers, praising the skies.
  • Two friends having a heart-to-heart, much like she does during her workshops. 
  • Multiple text and submark logos with geographical and floral additions
Bohemian Photography Brand Design

We wanted to create a brand that can travel with you wherever you go. Hailey, we can’t thank you enough for trusting us with this branding and hope that it serves her wherever she goes.

Keep roamin’, Hailey!

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xoxo, House of W Designs 

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