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Rediscovering Passion in Design

A full 12 months have passed since I last graced the @houseofwdesigns account on Instagram. This journey back has been a peculiar, winding road, but here I stand! Closing the doors to House of W, the boutique, felt like bidding farewell to a dream, to a brand. Oh, how wrong I was.

Yet, life possesses a mysterious way of weaving its narrative, coming full circle once more. In the inception of the boutique, I yearned for simplicity – just “House of W.” Alas, the cosmic dance deemed the Instagram handle and domain unavailable, birthing “House of W Designs.”

Since my blogging days, I’ve immersed myself in the art of graphic and web design. Creating WordPress sites and crafting brands for fellow bloggers, I later ventured into the realm of Shopify for kindred e-commerce spirits.

Two years ago, I tentatively delved into crafting websites for fellow photographers during the slow season.

The unforeseen arrival of COVID-19 in early 2020 served as a catalyst. A dear friend sought a designer, and serendipity chose me to mold her brand and site. From that pivotal moment, it’s been a cascading series of blessings, allowing me to dedicate the last nine months entirely to this creative pursuit.

However, a recent internal struggle surfaces – a crossroads between focusing on design or photography. Photography is a longstanding passion and dream, akin to that unforgettable ex-love. Yet, upon careful consideration of daily joy and what’s best for my family, the revelation struck – design is where my heart finds solace.

There are myriad reasons why design resonates with me, reasons that need not bore you.

But here’s the crux – I adore working with fellow photographers. It’s a sweet spot, a convergence of my two most cherished professional endeavors. Assisting other photographers in elevating their businesses is indescribably fulfilling. I’ve seamlessly found my niche market—a perfect alignment.

Life’s intricate dance unfolds with purpose. Will I persist as a photographer? Absolutely. The kind of love you can’t forget resides eternally in my soul.

Yet, design is akin to that mature, grown-up love. It stirs the soul, igniting a fire within, and brings tranquility to the mind.

Bringing the narrative full circle, as I lay in bed, contemplating the nomenclature of my business, House of W Designs, I marveled at its perfection for my design journey.

So here’s to 2021, with all its promise and exciting vibes for the future!

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