Hailey Stark Photography

Celestial Inspired Brand And Web Design

Celestial Brand And Web Design

Hailey Stark is a timeless and warm Wisconsin-based Photographer, that focuses on Elopements, Weddings, and Couples Photography. The entire Celestial Brand And Web Design was inspired by her love for the glow of the moon. The northern Wisconsin pines, and the completely in-love couples around her.

For which we each both felt, that accurately reflected her photography as a whole and where her focus as a creative is leading her towards. We spoke about her love for the moon and the comforting feeling brought her. That too represented her style and vision, all of which was curated with that intention in mind — the art direction, custom logotype, symbol, tagline, typography, and color palette.

The main logo is a combination of her and the moon, symbolizing love and comfort. Hands holding the moon and stars signify two people can have it all, for what we always look for when we are truly in love. 

We wanted to create a Celestial Inspired Brand And Web Design that would be able to carry Hailey — not only where she is now, but where her love of this art will take her many years into the future. With the moon guiding her and comforting her the whole way on her journey as a photographer.

Hailey may you always live by the sun and love by the moon!

A few words that brought this to life were — Timeless, warm and bold, natural, romantic, emotional, yet fun and playful.

Brand And Web Design for wedding photographers

Check out the full brand and web design for Hailey Stark Photography at haileystarkphoto.com.

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