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Dreamy Brand Design Mackenzie Westphal Photography

Dreamy Brand Design

Mackenzie from Mackenzie Westphal Photography is a photographer located in West NE and So Cal. She shoots anything from weddings to boudoir, and has two sides to her business –  today we’re focusing on her wedding/family business! She has an otherworldly and astrological style, and because of that, we knew a custom dreamy brand design would be perfect for her!


Mackenzie’s dedication to evoking emotions and capturing the essence of her brand is truly remarkable. With her lingo, “Art for those that never seek to let go”. Above all, she expresses a profound understanding of the human experience and a desire to create art that resonates deeply with her audience.

Dreamy Brand Design

The Dreamy Brand Design

Her illustrations serve as a visual embodiment of this vision, transporting viewers into an ethereal world. The lovers in the sky, depicted against the backdrop of a celestial tapestry, symbolize the timeless and transcendent nature of love.

The illustrations also capture the sensation of looking up into the night sky. They ignite a yearning within the viewer. By incorporating this element into her custom artwork, Mackenzie’s brand taps into the universal human desire to seek what lies beyond.

Furthermore, Mackenzie’s illustrations display admiration for the beauty of mountains, representing the human spirit’s desire to overcome challenges and push boundaries.

Mackenzie’s style has successfully translated into her celestial brand and web design. Through her art, she invites her audience to embark on a journey of emotions, delve into the depths of love, and dream beyond the stars.

Branding that takes you to the sky

For this custom dreamy brand design, we chose to include fully-filled colorful art, much like tarot cards. Her custom illustrations include:

  • Lovers in the sky, one with hair full of stars and the other with the sun and clouds in their head (Love between night and day)
  • A kissing scene in the starry sky, with mountains and rivers beneath
  • Creative hands adorned with stars, ready to conjure magic
  • A split night and day scene with an eclipsed sun and moon
  • Two hands pointing out a shooting star from beneath 
  • A man and a woman on a bench, embraced as they gaze at one another
  • Clusters of starbursts 

In addition, her color palette displays jewel-tone topaz golds, which radiate warmth and opulence. These rich, golden hues mirror the majestic glow of the sun, capturing its radiant energy and life-giving power.

Adding a touch of unexpected intrigue to the palette is the showcase pop of muted teal. This captivating shade of blue-green represents the boundless expanse of the sky. It serves as a nod to the ethereal nature of the moon.

Dreamy Brand Design 

House of W translates your identity into a brand

Mackenzie, we are over the moon with your dreamy brand design and above all wish for you to reach the stars in all of your future endeavors. 


-House of W Designs

Want to work with House of W to create the brand and web design your dreams? Contact us here to get started.

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