Jenelle Aceti Photography 

Edgy Tattoo Brand Design

Edgy Tattoo Brand Design

Jenelle Aceti Photography reached out to us for an Edgy Tattoo Brand Design to fit her edgy, feminine power vibes – and as a women-owned business, we were more than stoked to oblige! 

Edgy Tattoo Brand Design Vibes

Jenelle’s brand is all about empowerment, motherhood, eloquence, and edge. 

Her bold serif paired with a thin display font set the tone for her brand. It calls attention, exudes confidence, and frames her logos to perfection.

Edgy Tattoo Brand Design

Her main logos are framed around initials, in order to get her brand vibe across immediately, and her hand-drawn color-filled artwork was inspired by tattoo work which includes:

  • A framed portrait of herself with a lioness, sitting in power
  • An additional close-up profile portrait to represent the lioness within and motherhood
  • Bundles of delicate feathers and sage leaves
  • A cluster of roses, which adds a bit of feminine touch
  • A hand making the much loved “Rock on” symbol, entangled with roses
  • Inky sunburst, radiating warmth and power
  • A pair of wings, waiting to be worn
  • An edgy spin on Michelangelo’s famous hand’s reaching painting (The Creation of Adam) in tattoo tarot style

Her color palette presents warm, deep tones. She chose tones of taupe, sage, terracotta, and brown (much like traditional tattoo colors) for her vibe. These colors are to die for and add such a bold statement and saturation to her branding and illustrations!

Edgy Tattoo Brand Design

Adding an edge to your brand

We know Jenelle’s personality called for some edginess, so we chose the tattoo-inspired style. Remember that your style sets you and your branding apart, and can make your website come to life, which means you attract the clients that fit your vibe!

Thank you for trusting us with this amazing project, Jenelle! We know it’ll attract your dream clients while truly representing your power, nobility, and style!


-House of W Designs

Edgy Tattoo Brand Design

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