White Pine Photography

Heartfelt Brand and Web Design for photographers

Heartfelt Brand and Web Design 

White Pine Photography is a Southwest Missouri-based photographer and educator with emotive skills and soul. We created a custom heartfelt brand & web design that her and her clients are sure to love!

All This Time

Amanda was one of our first design clients of House of W! She’s a dedicated client and our businesses have quite literally grown together! We’re so thankful she’s trusted us over the years with her business; which she pours her heart into.

Therefor, we knew we had to blow this project out of the water for her even more!

Heartfelt Brand and Web Design

Heartfelt Details 

Amanda’s vibe is about warmth, comfort, and heart. Her brand sings a summer song that welcomes clients and students from afar. She is truly a force of magic and love, and so we just had to reflect that in her branding!

For her custom hand-drawn illustrations, we included:

  • A summertime window scene with a girl claiming out, seeking the adventure beyond with wildflowers creeping up the trim.
  • A welcoming and comforting porch swing.
  • A crossroads sign, questioning the heart which direction to travel. Also an ode to the origin of the name of her business.
  • Sweet little summer bumblebees.
  • A welcoming grand piano.
  • Flowers. SO many delicate, nostalgic flowers!
  • A vintage polaroid camera.
  • Flowers in an old glass Coke bottle.
  • A singing wind chime.
  • A rearview mirror, reflecting a pair of feet resting out the window.
  • Hands gently holding flowers and bees.
  • A well-loved Holy Bible.

Her eye-catching fonts with initials structure her logos, which adds that nostalgic, mercantile feeling. We also included a fun font option that shares a feeling of that goofy side of Amanda’s personality and adds interest. 

The color palette is heartfelt and warm. Shades of honey, warm tan, forest green, and rusty browns with a pop of muted sky blue to add that simple happy color that is sure to make you smile. 

Heartfelt Brand and Web Design for photographers

The Emotive Web Design Process 

Amanda’s website has a lot of traffic. Being a renowned photographer and educator, she needed a massive website with massive amounts of information, so we had to make the design and the information flow.

The home page has a lot of motion, not only being eye catching, but heartfelt. Her scrapbook style adds comfort, life, and feeling to her website – the layers are where it’s at for her!

Amanda’s copywriting leaps from the pages with concise information to the client, for the client. Amanda wants her clients to feel at home on this website. 

Heartfelt Brand and Web Design for photographers

House of W Designs sees you

We love Amanda’s heart and know this brand and web design speaks from her soul. Know that when you choose us to create a custom brand and web design, we take it to heart. We want you to shine through!

We are absolutely thrilled with how it turned out, and can’t thank Amanda for trusting us for all these years!

p.s. – if you are a photographer check out her Shop filled with presets and courses! HERE


-House of W Designs

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