Jodi Lynn Photography

Poetic Brand Design

Poetic Brand Design 

Jodi with Jodi Lynn Photography longed for a poetic brand design for her photography business, so we curated the perfect photography branding that reflects the soul of her and her business. 

Jodi with Jodi Lynn Photography is a Sanoma County, CA-based storytelling motherhood and family photographer. 

For this project, we essentially covered two sides of her business – one being for her photography, and the other being for her retreats, “Pacific Anthology“.

Poetic Brand Design

Brand Poetry 

“I truly want to tell honest, beautiful stories and want to showcase each family’s love as beauty.” 

These were the words straight from Jodi when inquiring with House of W Designs. 

We wanted her poetic branding to speak louder than words, almost like a visual poem. 

For her colors, we chose a neutral palette of rosey tans, pops of cream, and a very subtle blue/green shade to offset the neutrals, as can be seen.

For her fonts, we chose a strong typography, a handwritten, and a strong creative font to give her poetic branding vibe that honest, handwritten feel as a result.

Poetic Brand Design

Honest details within her poetic brand design

For her detailed illustrations, we chose to add:

  •  A mother holding onto her babe, facing the wind
  • A wax seal, bearing the initials JL 
  • Vine-framed wreaths and bundles
  • An envelope full of flowers
  • A framed ocean scene of the California coast
  • An Oak Tree, with curling branches and foliage 
  • A mother behind the laundry line
  • A close-up of a babe on a lap
  • A pregnant momma up against waves and the grape vines 
  • A hummingbird in flight
  • Twigs and bundles of wheatgrass 

As shown above, her poetic brand design’s main logos combine the mother with her babe inside of the vined wreath, paired with her strong fonts it’s the perfect mix of poetic writing and soft illustrations. 

House of W Designs reflects the soul

House of W Designs creates brands and more for those who let their souls shine. We will turn your branding into poetry because your business deserves to tell its story in the right ways.

Our love goes out to Jodi, and we hope this poetic brand design will serve her and her clients for years to come!



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