Salt & Seduction Boudoir

Stellar Seductive Brand Design

Stellar Seductive Brand Design 

Mackenzie from Salt & Seduction Boudoir is a photographer located in West NE and So Cal. She shoots anything from weddings to boudoir, and has two sides to her business –  today we’re focusing on boudoir business! She has a very celestial and astrological style, and needed a stellar seductive brand design.


In her quest to create a unique and captivating brand, she found inspiration in the power and beauty of the sun and moon. Their celestial presence, radiant energy, and profound influence on Earth became the driving force behind her vision.

For her brand, we sought to capture the essence of both celestial bodies—combining the sun’s warmth, vitality, and life-giving energy with the moon’s serenity and timeless allure. The contrasting yet complementary qualities of these celestial entities resonated deeply within her, symbolizing duality.

Incorporating the power of the sun, her brand radiates vibrant energy, exuding warmth, passion, and positivity. On the other hand, the moon’s enchanting influence is evident in the brand’s tranquil and ethereal elements.

Together, the sun and moon inspire her brand to strike a harmonious balance—a celebration of both fiery passion and serene tranquility. It embodies the belief that embracing these opposing forces can lead to personal growth, self-discovery, and a harmonious existence.

Above all with her brand design, she hopes to empower individuals to embrace their unique qualities, to embrace their inner sun and moon—to be bold, vibrant, and resilient while embracing their softer, introspective side.

Stellar Seductive Brand Design


Mackenzie’s Boudoir brand identity is all about power and love that goes above this world. Like celestial bodies in cosmic dance, Mackenzie’s style radiates an astral love story. She wanted that star-crossed lovers and sexy goddess in the sky feel to this brand.  The feeling of longing for one another, stars upon your lips, love as big as the sky, and the power of the sun and moon inspired her brand design. 

For her custom illustrations, we chose to include fully-filled colorful art, much like tarot cards. Her custom illustrations include:

  • Starcrossed lovers in the sky, one depicting night and the other day
  • A blazing woman with her head in the clouds, smoke rolling from her mouth
  • A goddess figure standing in power behind the mountains and into the clouds
  • Celestial hands embraced
  • A split night and day scene with an eclipsed sun and moon
  • Hands unfurling a smoking paper with a night sky depicted 
  • Clusters of starbursts 


As can be seen, her color palette lies the divine jewel-tone topaz golds, radiating warmth and opulence. These rich, golden hues mirror the majestic glow of the sun, bringing an aura of confidence and allure to her brand.

Complementing the topaz golds are the rich skin tones, reminiscent of earthy landscapes and the diverse beauty of humanity. They embody a sense of inclusivity, celebrating diversity and embracing the unique beauty of every individual.

Adding a touch of unexpected intrigue to the palette is the spectacular pop of muted teal. This captivating shade of blue-green represents the boundless expanse of the sky. It serves as a nod to the ethereal nature of the moon, capturing its serene yet enigmatic essence. The muted quality of the teal adds a touch of sophistication, balancing out the depth of the golds while infusing a sense of calm and tranquility.

Through this color palette, her brand aims to evoke a sense of beauty, and connection, inviting individuals to embrace their own inner radiance while staying grounded in the natural world’s timeless wisdom.

Stellar Seductive Brand Design


Mackenzie, we are in the clouds over your stellar seductive brand design and wish for you to reach the stars in all of your future endeavors. 


-House of W Designs

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