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Edgy & Vintage Photography Brand and Web Design

Edgy & Vintage Photography Brand and Web Design

Bre Kensey is a warm, outgoing couples and family photographer with a giver’s spirit. She’s a self-described girly-girl with an edge. Bre was ready to evolve the current design of Bre Kensey Photos into the edgy & vintage photography brand and web design that would reflect her truest self.

Bre started her photography business as a way to capture moments that were both raw and relatable. You can just feel the warmth and emotion when you look at her work. We wanted to create a photography brand for Bre that would translate that same emotion through the design.

“I am ready to incorporate more of my true self – being more edgy, retro, vintage, yet still warm and a tad bit of boho.”

For her brand colors, we chose tones that felt soft and retro with a warm, feminine edge. When asked to describe herself in a photo, Bre said that she would be “a minimalist photo of a dark and vibrant butterfly”. I knew I wanted to incorporate that into her logo design.

What I love about the butterfly most is that the journey of becoming a butterfly is even more beautiful than the final result. This translates wonderfully into Bre’s mission of capturing moments that are raw and authentic. She captures a season of her client’s journey that they can reflect back on in joyful wonder.

We are confident that this is an edgy, vintage, boho photography brand design that will grow along with the journey Bre Kensey Photos will undertake. Having a brand that reflects your truest self allows you to confidently grow forward and reach new heights in your business. Your brand design goes beyond vanity and looks. It dives deep into the emotion and why behind your business.

Edgy, Vintage, Boho Photography Brand Design
Vintage Boho Photography Brand and Web Design

Bre – may you boldly embrace your true identity and chase all that is waiting for you!

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